No Cost Services to Member Districts

  • Bus Driver Certification
  • Compliance Training for all Administrators, Staff and Teachers
  • Continuing Education Unit Certification
  • Coordination of County Science Fair
  • Curriculum Development
  • Facilitate All-County Band and Choir Programs
  • Facilitate Countywide Fourth Grade Citizenship Program
  • Facilitate Master Teacher Program
  • Home School Application Processing
  • Monthly Superintendent and Treasurer Meetings
  • Ohio Department of Education Roll Outs and Training
  • Preschool CPR and First Aid Training
  • Professional Development Activities for all Staff and Administrators
  • Provide space for school district training activities
  • Monthly Principal meetings
  • Monthly Curriculum meetings
  • Representation and coordination with community agencies and programs
  • Resident Educator Training
  • Substitute Teacher recruitment and processing
  • Teacher certification support services

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