Learning Steps Preschool

Through partnerships with families, Learning Steps Preschool empowers children to become lifelong learners through a creative, nuturing, and individualized educational experience.


Effective for the 2019-2020 school year –

To be eligible as a typically developing peer a child must be screened and selected for enrollment and be 3-5 years old.

Student that turn 5 by August 1st are not eligible for enrollment in Learning Steps Preschool.  However,  they are eligible for kindergarten enrollment.
The daily tuition for typical peers is $25 per day.



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Child Medical Statement

Dental Exam



Amanda Clearcreek Preschool Parent Calendar 2018-19

Bloom Carroll Preschool Parent Calendar 2018-19

Fairfield Union Preschool Parent Calendar 2018-19

Liberty Union Preschool Parent Calendar 2018-19





If you are interested in obtaining additional information concerning the possibility of having your child screened for our preschool program, please submit a contact form or call (740) 653-3193 for more information.

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